Platinum Tank The Company

Platinum Tank Group has as its main objectives the sharing of our industries knowledge in order to strategically assess the different markets for our current and future products, to collectively define the requirements of our customers in each market and, ultimately, to ensure the implementation of excellent manufacturing methods, which will fully satisfy our customers. Platinum Tank Group oversees the Sales & Marketing sections of the subsidiaries, but they are well established and will continue to deliver their products under their own brand name.

Overall, Platinum Tank Group and its related companies manufacture approximately 1,200 units per year and employ more than 300 people on a regular basis. The products manufactured and distributed by the related companies are intended for the transport of liquid or dry products in bulk as well as tank trucks, including the following products:


  • Aluminum semi-trailers and B trains for refined petroleum (DOT& TC406)
  • Aluminum semi-trailers and B trains for crude oil (DOT & TC407)
  • Aluminum insulated semi-trailers and B trains for hot products (DOT & TC406)
  • Aluminum semi-trailers for transport of wastewater.
  • Aluminum semi-trailers and B trains for the transport of bulk products (DOT Standards)
  • Steel semi-trailers for the transport of dry bulk products (DOT Standards)
  • Aluminum tanks installed on chassis (DOT 406)
  • Aircraft refuelers (local operating standards)




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