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Our Values

VisionThe Pride to exist in an Environment where we can Feel & Share the Family Spirit and Trust

We are proud to be a family company and to share these values with our employees and their families.

The Commitment to Maximum Employment Stability & Security

We are committed to make every effort to assure employment security and stability for each and every employee.

A Corporate & Personal Integrity, Authenticity & Open Communications with our Employees, Suppliers & Customers

We want to continue and strengthen our corporate and personal integrity, authenticity and open communications with our employees, suppliers and customers. What we say is what we will endeavor to do!!

A Safe, Respectful & Inviting Work Environment

We guarantee a safe, respectful and inviting work environment for all individuals and seek the mutual support of everyone to achieve this value.

A Financial Recognition of the Contributions to our Successes

Every member of our Team participates in our success. We will continue to recognize everyone’s contribution and share the financial results of all of our efforts.

A Total Quality of Product and Customer Satisfaction Attitude in All that we do

We define our reputation of product quality in the market place by our dedication to customer satisfaction. We also assure our competitiveness by our commitment to quality, safety and production efficiency.

We know it, They see it!!