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Columbia Remtec Manufacturing

Throughout the 30 year history of Columbia Remtec many diversified products surrounding the forestry industry, the mining industry and the petroleum industry have been developed and manufactured.

While most of these products were designed and manufactured for the Western Canadian Markets, there were also a number of International projects over the years – especially in the forestry industry.

From 1984 to today, Columbia Remtec has consciously decided to discontinue many of their non-petroleum products to concentrate and dedicate themselves on the petroleum industry. Throughout the 30 years, Columbia Remtec has continued to perfect the Aluminum Petroleum Tank Trailers, Aluminum Crude Oil Tank Trailers as well as other Aluminum Tank Trailers to service primarily the Western Canadian Markets.

A-12343 104 Ave, Surrey
V3V 3H2
BC, Canada
Phone: 604-930-3550
Email: sales@columbia-remtec.com

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